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Cat.No  QUADDG001 
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PAL Region 2
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  Usually despatched within 48 hours
Butch Harmon has been a part of the game of golf since the day he was born. The son of 1948 Masters Champion and legendary instructor Claude Harmon, Butch absorbed the techniques of his father and has created his own successful style. Through exclusive interviews, footage and photos Butch reveals the golf instruction, life-lessons and inspirations that helped mould him into one of golf's greatest instructors.

In this unique instructional series, Butch displays the same methods and distinct personality that have led professional golfers to Major Championship titles and amateurs to lower scores. Butch Harmon is currently coach to 4-majors in a row winner and world No. 1 Tiger Woods, Darren Clarke, Mark Calcavecchia, Larry Mize, Justin Leonard and Adam Scott. Previous top golfers coached by Butch include Greg Norman, Davis Love III, Steve Elkington and Seve Ballesteros.

The 3 sections on this DVD are:

Short and Sweet:
Secrets to the short game.
1 Butch on the short game.
2 Introduction to Short and Sweet.
3 Butch on Seve Ballesteros.
4 The Wedge shot (pitch & lob).
5 Butch on playing pro golf.
6 The Bunker shot.
7 Butch on having a good eye when teaching.
8 Bonus bunker practice drill.
9 The Chip and Pitch shot.
10 Butch on his love of teaching golf.
11 The 3 Wood chip.
12 Butch on the golf swing.
13 Putting.
14 Butch on helping pupils improve their game.
15 Short game review and drills.
16 The Butch Harmon School of Golf.

Power Play:
The best of both worlds distance and accuracy.
1 Butch on power.
2 Introduction to Power Play.
3 Butch on the players who have inspired him.
4 The Driver.
5 Butch on Tiger Woods.
6 The 3 Wood.
7 Butch on the game of golf.
8 Long irons and utility woods.
9 The 3 Iron punch shot.
10 Butch's philosophy on teaching golf.
11 Mid irons.
12 Power review and drills.
13 Our Lucaya: The Reef and Lucayan golf courses.

Course IQ:
Manage your game for lower scores.
1 Butch on course management.
2 Tee box options.
3 Butch on his father.
4 Fairway long shot options.
5 Butch on playing to your capabilities.
6 Butch on his son.
7 Poor lie options.
8 Butch on the mental side of course management.
9 Faults and Fixes: Distance from the ball.
10 Faults and Fixes: Out of the deep rough.
11 Butch on growing up with golf.
12 Wedge shot options (in the wind).
13 Butch on teaching golf as a continual learning process.
14 Bunker shot options (buried lie).
15 Butch on fixes after your round.
16 Faults and Fixes: The wedge shot.
17 Faults and Fixes: Uphill lie in bunker.
18 Butch on teaching King Hasan II.
19 Chip shot options.
20 Butch on making golf fun.
21 Our Lucaya.