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Cat.No  GUP1441 
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Release Date
  July 2001
  Usually despatched within 5-6 days.
This video came about almost accidentally, when John Paramor, the European Tours chief referee, compiled a selection of clips of decisions to illustrate some points to referees. Says Paramor: "We found that people were continually asking us for copies of these compilations, so David Rickman (Rules Secretary of the games governing body, the R&A) and I felt it might be a good idea to put together a tape for commercial purposes."

Clips include Seve Ballesteros trying to get a ruling when stymied behind a tree, Bernhard Langer chipping from the boughs of an oak, Wayne Westner wading out into a lake to play a recovery shot from a small island, Mike Clayton casually tossing his putter in the air and failing to catch it before it knocks his ball away from the hole (one stroke penalty) and Joakim Haeggman trying to avoid a penalty, despite being told by a fuming Colin Montgomerie but your in somebodys bloody garden! Some clips are sad, most are hilarious, and all typical of the dry sense of humour of Paramor and Rickman.

David Rickman adds: "This video brings together real-life incidents which illustrate the rules in an informative way. If through this video we can improve the knowledge and understanding of the Rules and make the subject entertaining, then we will be delighted."

This video includes excellent commentary and introduction from Steve Beddow and Ken Brown and comes complete with a copy of the Rules of Golf.