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Classic Cars - Box Set (DVD)

SRP Price
Our Price
Running Time
10 hours
Green Umbrella
Release Date
September 2004
PAL Region 0
Availability Usually despatched within 2-6 working days.
A box set, containing 8 separate programmes (all of which have been available separately before):

The Ultimate History of MG
MG is known to many of its fans as the brand that wouldnt die. Until the nineteen-eighties, the famous Octagon badge, with the MG initials centred in it, had been the symbol of one of the most popular and best-loved sports car names throughout some fifty years. Strange then, that in the eighties the conglomerate that owned the brand seemed prepared to let the brand wither and die! Thankfully, there were always enthusiasts around to keep the flickering MG flame alight. The highs and lows of those eighty years are all told in this, The Ultimate History of MG.

The Ultimate History of the Mini
The Ultimate History of the Mini tells the story of the small car that became one of the giants in automobile history. Using a mix of exclusively shot footage and incredible archive material, much of which will never have been seen before, this programme charts the rise and rise of one of Britains best loved cars.

The Ultimate History of Jaguar
In 1922, a young motorcyclist by the name of William Lyons proudly rode a machine out of his Blackpool workshop with his first Swallow sidecar attached. That moment was to lead to the creation of one of the most exciting marques in motoring history. The Ultimate History of Jaguar traces the story of a marque that has always been the foremost standard-bearer of banners in British Racing Green. Its successes have always triggered the emotions of a nation and the proud symbol of the leaping cat has become famous around the world.

The Ultimate History of Aston Martin
All of the significant Astons are featured in this production, beginning with the cars that raced at Brooklands in the 1920s and the class-winning Le Mans cars of the 30s.We move through to the unique Atom car of the 40s, the glory years of the 50s and the DB2, DB3, DB3S and DBR1 sports racing cars. All of the famous road cars of the 50s, 60s and 70s are featured, including the gorgeous DB4, DB5 and DB6.We move on through the 80s and into the 90s with the re-styled V8 models that were truly the worlds most hand built cars. The programme is brought right up to date with the sixcylinder DB7 and the 200mph Vanquish as well as DB9.

The Ultimate History of Rolls Royce
A hundred years ago, a dashing young aristocrat, the Honourable Charles Rolls, and an engineer, Henry Royce, decided to join forces in the newly-emerging motor industry. From that unlikely partnership there came one of the greatest marques in automotive history. From the first Silver Ghost to the Phantom of today, this programme reviews all of the models from the makers of the worlds most magnificent motor cars in this, The Ultimate History of Rolls Royce.

The Ultimate History of Bentley
W.O.Bentley was never a man who would sacrifice his engineering ideals for the sake of a profit.Which is probably why his company was always perched upon the edge of bankruptcy. W.O. built cars that were big and powerful, prompting rival manufacturer, Ettore Bugatti, to comment that he had every admiration for Monsieur Bentley, because - after all - he does build the fastest trucks in the world.... This is a fascinating story of racing, record-breaking and of building cars purely for the rich and famous. This has always been the Bentley way - and will undoubtedly continue to be so.

The Ultimate History of Porsche
The founder of the German design dynasty, Ferdinand Porsche, was renowned right from the very earliest days of motoring as one of the most gifted and innovative of automobile engineers. He first made his mark in the closing years of the 19th century, with a car that had its electric motors in the wheel hubs, and for the next fifty years he was one of the motor industrys most original thinkers. It was his son, Ferdinand who, in 1946, laid down all of the parameters for the Porsche cars of today. This programme looks at all of the Porsche success stories including the Type 356 and the legendary 911.

The Ultimate History of Ferrari
This programme takes a close look at the latest dream cars as well as the other Ferrari supercars, such as the F40 and F50, which preceded the Enzo. It gives you a window into the world of the Ferrari Grand Prix team and the awesome, flame-red V10 Formula One racers that currently rule the World Championship. And it charts the whole chronological history of the companys road and racing cars to show you just how the Ferrari legend was created.

In black & white, and colour.

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