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How to Catch Bigger Pike - Parts 1&2 (DVD)
How to Catch Bigger Pike - Parts 1&2 (DVD)

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Running Time
Green Umbrella
Release Date
September 2004
PAL Region 0
Availability Usually despatched within 2-6 working days.
Paul Gustafson lets you into the secrets of how he consistently finds and catches some of the biggest pike in Britain - many of them up to 35 lbs in weight.

Part 1 - Tackle & Techniques.
A fascinating insight into how the pike lives, moves and seizes its prey, including some of the finest underwater pike shots ever taken. Paul Gustafson shows us how to choose the most effective tackle and equipment to catch this fearsome predator, his won 'patented' method of using bait and how to cast with deadly accuracy. We also have a rare opportunity to see Paul discussing pike fishing with Fred Buller, the world-famous author and expert on pike.

Part 2 - Summer & Winter Fishing.
Exciting close-up shots bring us right into the action as Paul demonstrates his unique ability to cast for, catch, land and handle a series of superb double-figure pike. How does he do it? With the aid of some remarkable video graphics, Paul explains how anyone can develop a technique that will enable them to catch bigger, better pike when fishing on gravel pit or river, winter or summer. An inspirational video that will have everyone going back to their sport with renewed enthusiasm and considerably more potential for success.

Fishing for Pike is almost an obsession with Paul Gustafson, acknowledged to be one of Britain's most successful pike anglers. After many years of trial and error, with different plugs, spinners and wobble baits, Paul can now catch pike consistently in various waters. Being a biologist has also helped Paul to acquire an almost uncanny sense of where to find the biggest pike. For the first time on video, in a highly informative series of live demonstrations, hints, tips and video graphics, Paul reveals in detail the secrets of his remarkable success.

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