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Masala Bhangra Workout (DVD)

SRP Price
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You Save 2.00
Running Time
Green Umbrella
Release Date
December 2006
PAL Region 2
Availability Usually despatched within 2-3 working days.
The Masala Bhangra Workout on DVD, presented by Sarina Jain, the 'Indian Jane Fonda'.

Fun and easy to follow, a total body conditioning. "...can't stop the Bhangra!"

"Indian Dance Routine by Sarina Jain wins over US" - BBC News, UK Edition.

DVD Features:
Save 2.00
Presented by Sarina Jain the Indian Jane Fonda
Tone and build muscle strength
Burn fat and calories
1 hour running time

You may try, but you can't stop the Masala Bhangra Workout TM beat!

Feel that funky Masala rhythm as you flow through challenging and traditionally inspired moves from India. Feel the drum beat rise in your body as the music takes you to a whole new level. You are sure to experience a true Masala Bhangra Jam!

As seen on national and international media, fitness personality and creator, Sarina Jain of Masala Dance and Fitness Inc. is introducing her Indian inspired Masala Bhangra Workout TM.

Sarina Jain has taken Masala Bhangra to a whole new level by creating a full body strength training workout that will effectively tone and build muscle strength, and burn fat/calories.

This total body conditioning workout utilizes barbells and is suitable for all fitness levels, whether you have never lifted weight or can bench press your fridge! Infectious Bhangra dhol beats set the scene, and will surely leave you feeling energized and invigorated!

The Masala Bhangra Workout TM has been quoted as "a lively modern, vigorous and effective workout."

Sarina Jain is the first to introduce Indian dance to the US and UK fitness industries at a global level and has been coined as the 'Indian Jane Fonda' for creating such a powerful fitness tool - The Masala Bhangra Workout TM.

Bhangra History:
Bhangra, the most popular of the communty dances from the village of Punjab, India is closely linked with the ritual importance of the wheat harvest, known as Vaiskhi. It is traditionally during the wheat harvets season that dancers gather around in an open field in answer to the beat of the drum, the dhol. The music and the beat of the drum are the life of Bhangra. While Bhangra has had a long history, the music and the rhythm of the dance have recently begun to influence popular music internationally, creating a 'modern Bhangra movement."

Music producer Athul Prasher creates an irresistible vibe, which is sure to get you up and moving! View www.ATHUL.com to hear his sound.

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