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Matt Hayes Great Rod Race (Eps 1-15 All 5 DVD's) (DVD)

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Running Time
Green Umbrella
Release Date
June 2004
PAL Region 0
Availability Usually despatched within 2-3 working days.
Matt Hayes, widely regarded as one of the best all-round anglers in Britain, and Mick Brown, a predatory angler with an excellent knowledge of UK fishing sites, take up the challenge to catch every species of freshwater fish found in Britain at different locations. 35 fish in 30 days.

With less than a day to catch each fish, Matt faces an uphill struggle. Some fish, such as the ferox trout, stone loach and wild carp are virtually impossible to find let alone to catch. Some of the fish are so small - like the bullhead or miller's thumb - that anglers would not normally attempt to catch them. Plus there are foreign, big fish like wels catfish, ancient fish such as eels, and tiny fish including sticklebacks.

To catch each species Matt uses diverse styles of angling, from fly-casting for trout and salmon to legering with modern paste baits for carp. He demonstrates classic styles such as free-lining and trotting with floats, plus he uses cut-down tackle for the mini-species, such as loach and sticklebacks.

Matt and Mick make their journey around the UK in a custom-fitted van complete with bunk beds, a small stove for cooking and special storage for their tackle. The van itself is a state-of-the-art fisherman's haven, fitted with rod racks, trays, compartments and even a fridge-freezer for bait.

Matt and Mick start their challenge fishing for trout and salmon in the beautiful Irish lake, Lough Corrib. On Day 3, after early successes, they are forced to move on without the incredibly elusive arctic char they so desperately crave. Day 5 finds them at the Willow Bank Fishery, Scunthorpe where they stay up for 48 hours and fish through two nights. Moving down to devon, Matt fishes in the only known tench-shaped lake in the country and, as guests of Angler's Paradise, they continue their quest fishing for catfish, golden and blue orfe.

Includes out-takes as bonus material.

Matt and Mick are now on Day 9 of their quest, fishing at Angler's Paradise in Devon, where there are 12 stocked lakes run by Polish fisherman and winemaker Zyg Gregorek, and his wife Rose. Completely frustrated Matt keeps landing orfe instead of the much needed golden trench and Mike keeps drawing a blank with catfish. However, between them they manage to catch mirror carp and koi carp, so all is not lost!

Day 11, moving on to Titley Lake, Shobden, Matt and Mike divide forces which sees the successful capture of eels and common carp. On Day 13 the venue is Horseshoe Lake, Lechlade where they manage to tick a few more catches off their list including the increasingly rare rudd.

Half way through their adventure Matt and Mike are in the heart of the Black Country at Himley Hall, Dudley and after a successful days fishing Matt beats his own personal record, landing a magnificent 15lb 13oz grass carp.

Day 17 and the hunt for gudgeon, roach and dace is on at the Whittington Canal, Stourbridge, a sentimental spot where Matt caught his very first fish. Moving on to the river Teifi, and with the help of local expert Stefan Jones, they finally catch the sea trout. Another night-time fishing session sees them at Burton Mere Estate, Chester, where their skill and perseverance finally pay off, and they can at last strike the elusive catfish off their list!

Day 21 of Matt and Mike's challenge and the targets are arctic char and pike. After local angler Derek Bell shows Mike some special techniques, the arctic char is caught in only 20 minutes! Staying at Lake Windermere they now focus on catching pike, using a variety of tactics and lures to combat the ever changing weather. Stickleback and ghost carp next and Furnace Mill is the location for the dynamic duo to bag both in style.

After a successful catch of ruffe on the River Severn, Bewdley, Matt and Mike travel on to Catton Park, Tamworth, in search of bream. Matt, using a combination of tactics, is soon rewarded for his efforts; so much so that Mike follows suit with equal success.

The two are now confident they'll meet their challenge - but will they?

Matt and Mike have now travelled 3,200 miles in pursuit of their quest. Now on Day 25 they are after chub and bleak on the River Thames. The bleak is bagged along with minnow and a day later still on the River Thames in Oxford they catch a couple of good sized chub.

Now they're on to barbel, and the Lower Severn is the location, but it's not until the weather changes that they are rewarded with a magnificent 9lb barbel. Just as the light is slipping away Mick manages to catch a zander, making a victorious end to the day.

Worn out after only two hours sleep and with time running out on the last day, the search for the grayling is on. Matt and Mike divide forces, Mike using the stick, float and maggot method, and Matt fly fishing. Will they complete the challenge - just you wait and see!

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