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Milestones of Flight - Box Set (DVD)

SRP Price
Our Price
Running Time
8 hours (approx)
Green Umbrella
Release Date
September 2004
PAL Region 0
Availability Usually despatched within 2-6 working days.
A box set, containing 8 separate programmes (all of which have been available separately before):

The Ultimate History of the Boeing B-17 Bomber
The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress has come to symbolize the United States contribution to the air war in Europe during the Second World War. This programme includes rare colour archive showing the design and building processes of the B17 and its operational record using actual combat footage. We also take a close look at one of the few airworthy survivors, the famous Sally B which remains one of the most popular attractions on the air show scene today.

Great British Jets
This programme looks at some of the jet aircraft that have become household names: the Vampire, Hunter, Lightning, Buccaneer. The programme also presents profiles of the jets operated by todays Royal Air Force including the Jaguar, Harrier and Tornado with a closing look at the soon to be in service Eurofighter Typhoon.

Century of Flight 1903-2003
Orville Wrights achievement of flying a powered aircraft for the first time in 1903 was the fulfilment of mans dream of taking to the skies. In this fascinating film we chart the rapid progress of the aeroplane from a contraption that could barely carry the weight of a man over a few hundred yards to a sleek machine capable of spanning the globe at supersonic speed.

The Ultimate History of the F-16
The F-16 Fighting Falcon is the worlds most popular modern fighter. This programme features unique footage of F16 flight tests as well as presenting its combat record, especially during the two wars in Iraq. The programme finishes with a superb display sequence by a Belgian Air Force F-16.

Spitfire - Defender of the Skies
The Spitfire is one of the most charismatic aircraft ever to fly. In telling the story of this legendary aircraft, the producers have filmed many different Marks in flight and on the ground to television standards. In addition, the programme includes a wealth of archive documenting the Spitfire's earliest flights to the final stages of its development. The Spitfire is also shown in action during some of its most memorable campaigns including the momentous Battle of Britain to Seafires aboard aircraft carriers in the Pacific.

The Royal Air Force Story
The Royal Air Force Story combines rare and unseen footage with newly shot film and expert opinion to tell the story of these momentous years from the Royal Air Force. Experience massed bomber raids over Germany and follow the RAF through more than 50 years of the jet age from the first Meteors to the low level Tornado attacks of the Gulf War.

Concorde - End of an Era
Concorde was an extraordinary technological achievement borne out of an era when supersonic travel captivated imaginations. This programme presents a unique insight into the development of the Concorde, going behind the scenes in the many sites in France and Britain. The programme also features rare archive of many of the experimental aircraft built to test many of the technologies that went into Concorde.

The Ultimate History of the Messerschmitt
The company founded by Willi Messerschmitt was responsible for designing two of the most significant aircraft of the Second World War: the Bf 109 and the ME 262. We look at the development of the Bf 109 as well as the ME 262, the worlds first operational jet fighter. Other aircraft featured include the Bf110 which was the worlds first fighter designed specifically as a bomber escort and the ME 163 Komet, the extraordinary rocket-powered interceptor.

In black & white, and colour.

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