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Space - The Final Frontier - Box Set (DVD)

SRP Price
Our Price
Running Time
10 hours
Green Umbrella
Release Date
September 2004
PAL Region 0
Availability Usually despatched within 2-6 working days.
A box set, containing 8 separate programmes (all of which have been available separately before):

The Complete Cosmos - The Solar System
Narrated by Jon Snow, this superb programme takes a definitive look at our Solar System. We closely examine our sun and the nine planets in its orbit. Their origin, surface structure, orbit dynamics, climate variations and atmospheres are all investigated and illustrated with the use of state of the art graphics, animation and audio effects.

Apollo 13
13th April 1970, on route to the moon, Apollo 13 developed life-threatening problems. This film depicts Apollo 13's dramatic explosion and how a voyage of scientific exploration turned into a matter of survival and one of the Apollo Programme's finest moments.

Vivaldi - The Four Seasons in Space
This DVD takes you through the ever changing seasons in space and space travel. From Mars to the Moon and Gemimi to the Space Shuttle, relax to an endless journey through time and space set to the Classical Music of Vivaldi.

The Complete Cosmos - Discovery into Deep Space
Narrated by Jon Snow, this superb programme takes a definitive look at mans quests into space. The development of the rocket, mans first spacewalk, Neil Armstrongs lunar landing, the space shuttle, Mir space station and the International Space Station all feature in this fascinating DVD. We also look ahead to future shuttles and how, one day, we could all travel in space.

Moore on the Moon
Sir Patrick Moore is one of the best known and most respected astronomers in the world. In 'Moore on the Moon', Sir Patrick explains the Moon's origins, its place in the general scheme of the universe and its surface structure. He examines how the Moon has evolved from something that was once regarded as remote and mysterious into something which is almost familiar.

The Story of the Total Eclipse
11th August 1999 witnessed an event of a lifetime - a total solar eclipse hitting England for the first time since June 1927. Presented by legendary astronomer, Patrick Moore, this DVD features exhilarating footage of eclipses from around the world including England's last eclipse in 1927.

One Small Step
"I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth." John F. Kennedy This film captures the developments and breakthroughs that led to the most historic event this century; "One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind."

A Tour of the Universe
This one hour DVD takes the viewer on a wondrous tour of the Universe featuring the most amazing photographs yet, made by the largest telescopes. Spectacular graphics and animation show the beauty of not only the nearby planets, but also the most distant stars.

In black & white, and colour.

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