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The Seven Wonders of the World - Box Set (DVD)

The Seven Wonders of the World - Box Set (DVD)

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Running Time
Green Umbrella
Release Date
September 2004
PAL Region 2
Availability Usually despatched within 2-6 working days.
A box set, containing 7 separate programmes (all of which are available separately):

Colossus of Rhodes and The Statue of Zeus
Author and archaeologist, John Romer, delves into the legends of the Colossus of Rhodes and the Statue of Zeus at Olympia and demostrates how these monuments projected a new vision of the human form into the popular consciousness. A mammoth figure of ivory and gold, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia ruled over the Olympic Games whilst the Colossus of Rhodes was built of sheets of bronze and stood guard over the island of Rhodes.

The Pharos of Alexandria and The Mausleseum of Halicarnassus
John Romer ventures to the sites of two ancient cities created by Alexander the Great cities that were considered among the most beautiful and unusual the world had ever seen. We also explore the culture and environment that created two unparalleled testaments to the power of the era: The Pharos (Lighthouse) at Alexandria, which stood more than 300 feet, making it the tallest structure of its time, and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, which was considered one of the greatest tombs ever created.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Temple of Artemis
Explore with host John Romer, the influence of ancient civilizations. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, in what is now Iraq, were rumoured to be part of the palace of Nebuchadnezzar. Today, scientists believe that the exotic gardens were actually more fable than fact. The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, in modern-day Turkey, was built to honour the mother goddess. She was a powerful force for many different people the Romans knew her as Diana, the Anatolians as Kybele and her temple was one of the holiest shrines in Alexander the Greats world.

The Pyramids
John Romer, contemplates the mystical aspects of the Seven Wonders, exploring the enduring fascination of the only surviving Wonder, the Pyramids. We also focus our attention on the city of Rome which had become a magical city of Wonders built on a dream of poor people, imagining a legendary past. Ghosts of Wonder demonstrates how the story of the Wonders is also the story of the modern imagination and has John Romer travelling from Australia to New York to describe how people are still haunted by ghosts of the ancient past.

The Seven Wonders of Ancient Egypt
In this fascinating documentary special we uncover the secrets of Ancient Egypts pharaohs, engineers and architects and bring to life great buildings as the ancient Egyptians saw them - towering over the greatest civilisation in the history of Africa, and perhaps the world. As we do so, we reveal the unique stories behind the people whose achievements they immortalise.

The Seven Wonders of Ancient Greece
New archaeological research allows modern engineers to unravel the mysteries of the Ancient Greeks. Using cutting edge visual effects they piece together how the Greeks built their greatest superstructures including the Colossus of Rhodes, Olympia and the Parthenon.

The Seven Wonders of Ancient Rome
The Romans built some of the most ambitious monuments ever created, from the ingenuity of the Pantheon, and the hydraulic perfection of the Baths of Caracalla, to the sheer audacity of the Colosseum. These constructions were 2,000 years ahead of their time, using materials and technology that remain cornerstones of architecture even today. Now, for the first time, the latest archaeological research and stunning visual effects combine to reveal the secrets of Rome, the greatest city of antiquity.

In black & white, and colour.

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