Men’s Golf Umbrellas

Men's Golf UmbrellasOne of the beauties of the royal game of golf is that it is played in the great outdoors amidst open green expanses and beautiful stretches of water. However, the downside is that there is very little protection from the elements. The players, their caddies, teams and spectators are left exposed for hours to strong winds, harsh sunlight, light or sometimes heavy rain and thunderstorms. But however inclement the weather, the game (especially if it is a big tournament) must go on. Umbrellas offer the best and most efficient form of protection while having to move from one hole and obstacle to the other.

Our golf umbrellas are carefully designed to help the game continue smoothly and not be hindered in any way. The fabrics are carefully selected and designed in quiet colors such as black, white, dark blue, transparent etc. This is done so as to not distract the players from the mental concentration required to play well and also not to detract from the beauty of the surroundings. Fiberglass frameworks provide extra strength to combat strong winds and are also very light, making these special umbrellas easy to carry around. Some of the items in our catalogue are also designed with vents that do not let in the rain but provide better protection from the wind.

The handles are made of rubber and offer good resistance to slipping and chafing, even when held for many hours at a stretch. The stem and framework are well insulated, offering good protection from lightening during thunder storms. The canopies of our golfing umbrellas are all designed to be extra-large and able to cover the player even in the middle of challenging swings. Most of them range between 120 centimetres and 130 centimetres. Take a look through our selection of golfing umbrellas for men and you are sure to find a stylish and sturdy umbrella that will be your friend for many years to come.

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