Storm Protection Umbrellas

Storm Protection UmbrellasStorm protection becomes very important in areas that are prone to hurricanes and frequent storms. During a storm, there are many factors that people require protection from, such as strong winds, heavy rainfall, lightning and sometimes even hailstones. During a storm, people are also usually walking around trying to get to shelter or trying to help other people. Storm protection umbrellas have to be designed very carefully by keeping in mind all the requirements that are essential at the time when such a calamity hits.

We understand this perfectly and that is why our storm protection umbrellas are designed with a host of practical safety features some of which include fibre glass frames for greater strength and durability and super-sized canopies that extend to up to 120 centimetres when opened, offering maximum protection. The umbrellas are lightweight when closed and can be easily transported. Protection from lightning strikes is made possible thanks to the nonconductive fiberglass material used in the framework. The joints on our umbrellas are made of extra durable material so that they are able to withstand high-velocity wind. This will prevent your umbrella from turning itself Inside out, bending or collapsing altogether in a storm situation. All our umbrellas are carefully and thoroughly checked with a vigorous quality testing process that ensures that nothing but the best quality leaves our factory and makes its way to your home.

The key features of our storm protection umbrellas are, their super size, the lightweight and wind resistant fabric, fiberglass covered and lightning resistant framework, rubber handles with silicone finger grips and vented design that allows for greater protection and less damage to the umbrella. So the next time the Met office predicts that a storm is rolling in, all you have to do is select a sturdy storm protection umbrella and head out of the door.

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