Ultra-wide Beach Umbrellas

Ultra-wide Beach UmbrellasWith the right umbrella, an entire day at the beach need not be one endless session of reapplying sunscreen and refixing the beach umbrella. Want to experience the beach on a windy or blustery day or at the peak and quiet of the afternoon? Now there is no need to worry about the wind or rain or sun.

Some of the common problems with most beach umbrellas are the fact that they are not wide enough, not stable enough to withstand sudden gusts of a strong sea breeze and tend to move around or even topple sometimes. These are the very factors that we have taken into account and rectified with our exclusive beach umbrellas. Our beach umbrellas are wide enough to allow you to sit, lie down and even build an entire sand city, without getting out of its protective shade. The fabric has ultraviolet filters in it, offering total protection from the rays of the sun. A silver underlining below the canopy provides even more protection from the sun. This feature also makes the shaded area much cooler than umbrellas without the silver lining. UV protection and the cooling effect makes this beach umbrella a must-have when at the beach with young children or elderly folk.

Our beach umbrellas have some real heavy duty construction behind them. The double canopy with vents allows the strongest winds to merely blow through the canopy, without destabilizing the umbrella in any way. The best beach umbrellas have sturdy bottom screw fixtures that can be even screwed into sand or surf. This anchors the top half of the umbrella firmly and prevents inadequate shade or injury. Sometimes this base has to be bought separately. Most beach umbrellas have a secure single finger locking mechanism that secures the canopy and pole to the base structure. Invest in a good beach umbrella and get the most out of every vacation!

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