Umbrellas for Kids

Umbrellas for KidsGoing out in stormy weather provides some of the greatest fun for young children. They love the idea of splashing in the puddles and running in the rain with the water flowing down their clothes. All thoughts of falling sick, missing school and other such concerns are thrown to the wind in the pursuit of their childhood fun. Apart from raincoats and rain boots, umbrellas provide the greatest protection for a rainy day adventure. Umbrellas for children are designed with the greatest care to offer the best protection from the rain and prevent any injury while using the umbrella. Our umbrellas are lightweight and easy for little hands to carry around. The open and shut function is smooth and easy to use and carefully designed so that it does not pinch or hurt children when they are operating it. Even our manual umbrellas can be easily slid open and closed. This removes the need for parents be around when the umbrella is being used.

Some of our umbrella canopies are made of a special material that reacts with water and changes colour when it becomes wet. The canopies are designed in vibrant colours and fun designs in order to captivate and engage the young users. Some of our designs include popular cartoon figures, stars, planets, floral designs and abstract patterns. Our range of transparent umbrellas are very popular as they allow the child to look outside easily. They are designed in a bubble or dome shape that covers the head and shoulders of the child. This ensures that the child has the maximum protection from rain and wind. Most of our umbrellas for children have a curved handle without any sharp edges. This design also allows the umbrella to be used as a walking support on wet and slippery ground. The next time your child wants to go out and play in the rain, you can say yes without a second thought. Our umbrellas will keep them safe.

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