Women’s Folding Umbrellas

Women's Folding UmbrellasA woman and her bag are inseparable companions. What goes into it is a matter of great thought and careful consideration. So when it comes to choosing the perfect umbrella the size is of great importance. Most women prefer umbrellas that can be folded down to about the size of a palm. With this in mind, we have umbrellas that are easy to fold down to a compact size and lightweight enough to fit easily into the smallest handbag, withouth weighing a ton. Functions are smooth and can be safely operated even by a young child. Some umbrellas can be folded five or seven times to greatly reduce their size. Our folding umbrellas have aluminium frames and side fasteners. When completely folded, they are super slim and have their own matching waterproof case for easy portabilty.

Our umbrellas are available in both manual and automatic opening modes for absolute ease of usability. People of all ages, from teenagers to senior citizens, will find our umbrellas easy and practical to use. From sober colours such as solid blacks and dark blues and purple, to bright fluorescent yellow, pink, and orange, our umbrellas are sure to captivate both young and old alike. For the young and the young at heart, we have a range of quirky and fun designs that are sure to make going out an enjoyable experience every single time. Our range of designs encompass polka dots, floral prints and many other creative designs such as newsprint designs, rainbow colours, city maps and so much more. For the artistically inclined, we have umbrellas in abstract designs and vibrant shades, that will add joy and cheer to the gloomiest of weathers. So whatever the age, the personality, and the personal preferences of our customers, we are sure that there is a very special umbrella waiting just for them.

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