Women’s Walking Umbrellas

Women's Walking UmbrellasWalking is a great way to keep fit. In addition to keeping calories at bay, this exercise is also great as a means of social interaction and friendship. Bad weather in the form of very bright sunshine, rain, or snow is often the greatest impediment to a good walk in the morning or evening. The thought of getting sunburnt prevents many women from getting out to enjoy a brisk walk during the daytime. Vast quantities of literature provide constant warnings about the ill effects of exposure to too much sunlight. Wet weather too is equally to blame for many a walk being abandoned. This is where we come in, with a range of umbrellas especially designed to make walking outdoors a total pleasure. Our dome-shaped umbrellas copy the fashion style of none other than the queen of England herself. With colourful and tasteful prints or transparent covers, these umbrellas offer great protection and visibility. They also have an easy open and shut mechanism. The ribs made of fibreglass provide good protection against strong wind and driving rain and greater flexibility for ease of use

The double canopy umbrella is another great option in our range of walking umbrellas. The double canopy design has the ribs hidden inside for a sophisticated look. These umbrellas are also available in elegant designs and prints and are available both in automatic and manual opening and closing functions. Our walking umbrellas have a good coverage span of more than 100 centimetres. This enables adequate and ample protection against all kinds of weather conditions. With a careful eye on aesthetics, our umbrellas feature a classy and varied range of colours, designs and fabrics. Our walking umbrellas also have conveniently shaped handles that are curved in the style of traditional walking sticks. This provides additional value and even when the umbrella is closed, it still provides support and adds style.

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