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Disney's Animal World - Frogs and Toads (DVD)

Disney's Animal World - Frogs and Toads (DVD)

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Running Time
Disney Educational Productions
Release Date
June 2006
PAL Region 2
Availability Usually despatched within 2-3 working days.
Learning about animals is fun when favourite Disney characters lead the way!

Stunning live-action wildlife clips of animals in their natural habitats are combined with heart-warming footage from Disney’s animated classics to introduce youngsters to the world of animals.

Each DVD stars a different animal, offering children detailed information about the animal’s habitat, living conditions, behaviour, diet, survival techniques, and life cycle. All key points are recapped and reinforced during “Quiz Time”.

Aimed at age group 3-7.

Frogs and Toads:
The child will:
- Become familiar with the physical characteristics of frogs and toads
- Learn how frogs and toads adapt to their environment
- Be introduced to the behaviour of frogs and toads and their offspring

Through live-action footage, observe wild frogs and toads in water and on land. Clips from Disney animated films further illustrate key facts about these amphibians.

Learn that as amphibians, frogs and toads can live on land or in water, but frogs, whose skin needs to stay moist, spend more time wet than toads. Frogs and toads are unable to fight off predators which is why, as a defense, frogs smell bad, toads taste bad, and many frog and toad species are poisonous. Also learn that frogs and toads begin life inside eggs, hatch into tadpoles, develop into miniature adults, and finally become full-grown.

Two short, fun quizzes help children focus on what they’ve learned.


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