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Open Championship 1970 - Nicklaus (DVD)
Open Championship 1970 - Nicklaus (DVD)
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Running Time
Green Umbrella
Release Date
November 2005
PAL Region 2
Availability Usually despatched within 2-3 working days
The Official film of the 1970 Open.

Every golfer dreams of winning the Open and to win it at St Andrews is something special. While it can be said that Lee Trevino blew up in the final round with a 77, the 'Dream' of Doug Sanders, with a 3foot putt on the final green to become the Open champion, was too much for him.

Allow me to quote from Frank Keating's book, Sporting Century. "This day he (Sanders) was dressed all in purple, both trews and pullover. He needed a par four up the eighteenth and the jug was his, and he'd done everything right because here he was with a cinch of a putt for his four. He settled his expensive black alligator-shoes alongside the ball and bent over his putter. He was ready for immortality.

Of a sudden, he seemed to notice something - was it an imaginary wormcast, one blade of razor-shaved grass the roller had missed, one infinitesimal grain of sand? Without changing the position of his feet, he bent to brush it away with no more than a momentary flick of his right hand. With the soles of his shoes still rooted to the exact same position, he now resettled over the ball - and as he did so, the BBC TV's doyen commentator Henry Longhurst gave a gasp and a murmured 'Oh, no' - and those in the know in the multi-million audience watching live round the world realised what Henry meant. He meant that Sanders had not reset his stance. He should have stood up, walked away, relaxed again, and then resettled.

Instead, he pulled back his putter and - gently-gently now - he jabbed at it. Oh, no…In the same twitch, Sanders on reflex tried to reach out with his club towards the ball to rake it back and have another go. There was no second go. The little dimpled onion, taunting him, rolled slowly four inches to the right-hand side of the hole and past it…'Oh, there but for the grace of God' murmured the croaky Longhurst to the world."

He had tied with Jack Nicklaus. Although the following day's play-off was close Jack's determination for success paid dividends. On the 18th and final hole, he famously drove the green, virtually out of bounds, a distance of some 350 yards - a chip, a putt and the title was his for the 2nd time.


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